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8 Track Rum

Crafted vibrant 8 Track Rum promo merch with a three-stage back print and one-stage front. Pantone-matched colors pop on AS Colour cotton tees, creating a striking visual against the black backdrop.

DS Painters

Revamped DSP logo with a gold crown, halftone text on tees for alternative workwear. Designed a van graphic featuring a Skeleton with a paintbrush, hand-drawn in Procreate and finalized in Illustrator.


Collaborated with a Lego club in Plymouth, designing a crest featuring the iconic lighthouse for screen-printed garments. A halftone adaptation, with a striking black and white logo with gold ink detailing.

Octane Outlaw

Elevated a client's Moto brand vision from concept to logo design, ensuring every decision, from garment choice to finished prints, reflected the feel of Octane Outlaw. A pleasure to bring ideas to life.